New Releases For April 28, 2017

Astral Doors
Black Eyed Children

Astral Doors - Black Eyed Children

Formed in Borlänge, Sweden in 2002, Astral Doors accomplished the all but accomplishable: delighting power metal fans and traditionalists alike. The sound’s unmistakable kinship to Dio-fronted Rainbow and Dio/Martin-fronted Black Sabbath earned Astral Doors momentum with old-school metal-heads who frowned at the perceived blandness and lack of substance in the power metal genre. Now Astral Doors are back. The new album, Black Eyed Children, shows them performing classic rock/heavy metal of the next dimension. It’s the best album so far from Astral Doors and tops the already great previous albums Notes From The Shadows and Jerusalem.

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"We Cry Out"


  1. 1. We Cry Out
  2. 2. Walls
  3. 3. God Is The Devil
  4. 4. Die On Stage
  5. 5. Tomorrow’s Dead
  6. 6. Good Vs. Bad
  7. 7. Suburban Song
  8. 8. Lost Boy
  9. 9. Slaves To Ourselves
  10. 10. Black Eyed Children
  11. 11. Jesus Christ Moviestar

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