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Anthony D'Amato
The Shipwreck From The Shore

Anthony D'Amato - The Shipwreck From The Shore

Sometimes the best music is like a photograph. Anthony D'Amato's songs feel like Polaroids, brushed with golden-hued vintage tones of heavy-hearted folk and electric streaks of rock and roll.

Like snapshots, they capture specific moments in time, moments of enlightenment and resolution, elation and despair, darkness and light. They're inextricably tied to the spaces in which they sparked to life and reveal raw portraits of their subjects, unvarnished and intimate.

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"Good And Ready"


  1. 1. Was A Time
  2. 2. Back Back Back
  3. 3. Good And Ready
  4. 4. Ludlow
  5. 5. Hard To Say
  6. 6. If It Don't Work Out
  7. 7. Middle Ground
  8. 8. No Not Tonight
  9. 9. Cold Comfort
  10. 10. Calico, Alone

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