New Releases For May 17, 2011

Andrew Belle
The Ladder

Andrew Belle - The Ladder

Andrew Belle is a new artist on the pop singer/songwriter scene. Residing in both Chicago and Nashville, he is currently touring clubs and universities across the country, and is also a member of the critically acclaimed national tour, Ten Out Of Tenn. Virtually all of his songs are featured in hit TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, and One Tree Hill. Multiple singles have already achieved national radio airplay. His music and vocal stylings draw comparisons to Coldplay, The Fray, and John Mayer.

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"The Ladder"


  1. 1. The Ladder
  2. 2. Static Waves (Featuring Katie Herzig)
  3. 3. Tower
  4. 4. Add it Up
  5. 5. Reach
  6. 6. Oh My Stars
  7. 7. Don't Blame Yourself
  8. 8. My Oldest Friend
  9. 9. Open Your Eyes
  10. 10. In My Veins (Featuring Erin McCarley)