New Releases For April 29, 2014

Amanda Martinez

Amanda Martinez - Mañana

Sung mostly in Spanish and co-produced by Spanish flamenco producer and guitarist Javier Limón. Mañana offers a fresh new twist to her distinctive sound, a blend of Latin pop, Mexican folk music and flamenco with tinges of jazz and Afro-Cuban music.

It's Amanda's first release in the U.S and Mexico. The overall feel of Mañana is at once deeply personal and universal.

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"Va Y Vienne"


  1. 1. Va Y Vienne
  2. 2. Frozen
  3. 3. Esperanza Viva
  4. 4. Nuevos Caminos
  5. 5. No Hay Distancia
  6. 6. Mañana
  7. 7. Let's Dance
  8. 8. Tenemos De Todo
  9. 9. Dias Invisibles
  10. 10. Ahora Si Te Canto
  11. 11. Le Chemin
  12. 12. Que Bonita Es Esta Vida