New Releases For June 2, 2017

Adrenaline Mob
We The People

Adrenaline Mob - We The People

Recorded at Sonic Stomp Studios over a year-plus period, We The People sounds huge. Each riff is massive, every drum hit a chest-thumping pound, and each line Russell vocalizes exudes unbelievable power and heart. In every way, We The People puts the hard in hard rock. And the metal in heavy. Orlando was responsible for composing the music, engineering, recording, co-producing, mixing, and mastering and that all says one thing: the dude’s a beast. Along with the incredible talents and amazing voice of his co-producing partner Allen who is by far one of rocks greatest voices, the two seem unstoppable on We The People.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"King Of The Ring"


  1. 1. King Of The Ring
  2. 2. We The People
  3. 3. The Killer's Inside
  4. 4. Bleeding Hands
  5. 5. Chasing Dragons
  6. 6. Til The Head Explodes
  7. 7. What You're Made Of
  8. 8. Raise 'Em Up
  9. 9. Ignorance & Greed
  10. 10. Blind Leading The Blind
  11. 11. Violent State Of Mind
  12. 12. Lords Of Thunder
  13. 13. Rebel Yell

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