New Releases For September 18, 2015

A Love Like Pi

A Love Like Pi - III

The 10-song album exhibits a spiritual stateliness that’s non-religious but otherworldly. The gorgeous ethereal indie pop of these tracks represent something of a new direction for A Love Like Pi - a vibe hinted at on its debut EP. The highlight in this section is the album closer, “Living Honestly.” “That song conveys closing in many ways - we close our shows with it - it’s this wistful look back to action done,” Lief says.

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"Wide Awake"


  1. 1. Till I Die
  2. 2. Dirty Work
  3. 3. Boy
  4. 4. Sorry 2.0
  5. 5. Cats
  6. 6. Those Days Are Gone
  7. 7. Heaven’s Halberd
  8. 8. Wide Awake
  9. 9. How Low
  10. 10. Living Honestly